A better return on your healthcare investment

We’re workplace health clinic specialists, offering a proven way to lower
healthcare costs for companies and municipalities in the Carolinas.
Our healthcare professionals deliver convenient primary care to your
locations, focusing on the conditions that drive your healthcare
costs upward — high cholesterol and triglycerides, hypertension,
diabetes, obesity and tobacco use.

Preventive healthcare where you work —
proven to lower healthcare costs

Preventive health onsite

Preventive healthcare is well established as a way to lower healthcare costs. We build on the preventive healthcare model with the convenience of our workplace health clinics that provide education and medical care. This convenience and the lower cost of our clinical care also improves compliance — we make it easier for people to manage chronic conditions like diabetes or hypertension, with results that decrease costly hospitalizations and emergency room visits.

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Workplace Health Programs

Workplace healthcare programs

We focus on the conditions that drive your healthcare costs upward.

Workplace Health Programs - Industries Served

Industries / Municipalities

We have specific clinical experience with both private enterprise and government entities, with the flexibility of customized solutions.

Workplace Health News

News & Events

Recent events in the world of workplace healthcare services.


Save up to $500,000 a year for every 400 employees.

OnSite Health does more than lower healthcare costs. Delivering workplace healthcare services benefits everyone:

  • Healthier employees are more productive, with reduced absences and turnovers.
  • Your catastrophic insurance premiums will be lower.
  • You can cut workers’ comp costs.
  • Your company can save up to $500,000 a year for every 400 employees we care for, with lower medical expenses and insurance premiums for catastrophic coverage.
  • Employees benefit with lower out-of-pocket expenses, more convenient primary care and better health.

If you see healthcare costs as an investment in the wellness of your workforce, then you have to ask the question — what kind of healthcare investment offers the best return?

To learn more about OnSite Health and our workplace healthcare services, contact Duveen Woolbright, OnSite Health Director of Clinical Operations, at 864.598.8057 or email us. We’d be pleased to review our clinical outcomes in greater detail and show you how they give you a better return on your healthcare investment.

A Better Return On Your Healthcare Investment™